Reward life with your ability

You want to be loved.
You need to feel accepted
It isn’t easy. It’s a journey of change.

Such a journey I can cry.

We want to love and we won’t allow our very own selves, to love. We’ve heard of not attaining the power to control anyone or anything else but if you think..really think…. You can allow yourself to any thought and any action.

Be brave – Enjoy the time you have today.
Open your heart and don’t let pride deny you.

Show your scars and wounds to the skies and let your wounds radiate off of the sunlight.

Realize love is not a game and nothing stays the same.

Change for love.




Thank you for visiting even though I haven’t written anything for you in some time.

I’ve been busy trying to be an adult and handle situations maturely

I’ve actually been wondering why each out come for every action I do reveals itself to be so prematurely.

Undone, untimely, undeveloped.

Half of what that brings is discontentment, it sort of makes me feel like an adolesent

I’m grateful I’m trying. I’m appreciative I’m not dying.

The other half of what it brings is a boost of courage and divergence.

Dare to be different and responsible. Please.

Because the very thought of each of us being responsible for our own lives, scares the shit out of us.

Be awake. You can achieve the bravest things when done so.

When you survive and you make it you would have to know the meaning… this is your lifestyle for life.

You are no longer dreaming.

Thank Me, Please

I did you a favor. I got up and left. For you.. mostly.

I couldn’t have been brought down anymore.

I was an anchor in the sea, I had to come up to breathe.

You might think I’m selfish cause it seems all about me…

Yet you don’t make someone stay if they don’t want to be.

They say it’s better to include than exclude

But why would I have you figuring out clues

When I can just say I don’t want you.



To Learn To Create as To Learn How To Walk

It takes an extremity of ego strength to say “Wait a second…. I too, am an artist!”

The dreading and quite embarrassing response may come and say “How do I know?”

And of course, the emerging artist does not know.

In this case, progress not perfection is what we should ask of ourselves.

You never know how you’ll surprise yourself with your writing until you write….

develop land for growing, your focused attention is critical to your garden.

If Only You Knew How Much Life There Is in Death

Death allows us to look at our lives as a whole. It helps us be in full.

To understand you’re going to die is to actually live in the fullness of life.

Death can help you as a spur to action/audacity. If you’re conscious that one day it’s lights out, you will see that your time is not only limited but valuable enough to get up, get out and get something. [not letting your entire life pass you by]

We are beings-toward-death. We don’t actually realize we are going to die. We do not realize our time in this world is limited.



Here Goes Nothing

I cannot believe I have waited this long to share such a huge part of myself with someone like yourself.

I would like to make you laugh, cry and smile.. separately or hopefully all at once.

To twist and squeeze that brain like a mop .. with water being the emotions and feelings.

You can’t hide in that head of yours forever. Come out…. I only wish to offer perspective.