I don’t write often these days
But when I do I write deeply
because I feel deeply
to where I can barely make out words
and my feelings then are converted to an unfinished poem – scribbles, conjunctions and sometimes, more than often their unfinished sentences

To write is to exploit and express
It would be disrespect to misuse.


Los Angeles, CA

Finally taking off on my trip
At this point, I wouldn’t turn back.
I’ve surpassed the entire “not having expectations because they lead more towards disappointment” stage. Because I certainly feel a weird mental shift from where I physically am as to where I mentally am.

I’m trying to say I’m not here anymore.
Gone, gone and going. And I’ll tell you, it feels good.

You might catch the frequency that I’m running from something but it just feels very lively to take a full step out of the vicinity of where your comfort lies.

So here goes nothin.

Oh and praises due to the very most high. I’m very grateful to have had attained the abilities and qualities I bring with me right now and forever else.

If Only You Knew How Much Life There Is in Death

Death allows us to look at our lives as a whole. It helps us be in full.

To understand you’re going to die is to actually live in the fullness of life.

Death can help you as a spur to action/audacity. If you’re conscious that one day it’s lights out, you will see that your time is not only limited but valuable enough to get up, get out and get something. [not letting your entire life pass you by]

We are beings-toward-death. We don’t actually realize we are going to die. We do not realize our time in this world is limited.



Here Goes Nothing

I cannot believe I have waited this long to share such a huge part of myself with someone like yourself.

I would like to make you laugh, cry and smile.. separately or hopefully all at once.

To twist and squeeze that brain like a mop .. with water being the emotions and feelings.

You can’t hide in that head of yours forever. Come out…. I only wish to offer perspective.