Curiosity Diffused

Someone asked me – “What is your biggest challenge as a writer?”

My toughest struggle when I write is my fear of not delivering to my audience the way I want to be received. It stresses me when I write that I may not be received the way I want to be. Quite honestly, I’ve found comfortablility in being misunderstood – I figured the hell with forcing interpretation, my job as a writer is to be acknowledged, not understood.

Thank you for acknowledging me as a writer, too, by the way – it was also my struggle that I won’t be received as a real writer – that very dam wouldn’t allow my thoughts and words to flow coherently – One day I decided to take the strain off my soul and paint a picture I can hang and now my notebook is full of colors and words and life and struggle and happiness.


One thought on “Curiosity Diffused

  1. Okay, I’m compelled to disagree, as well as to agree with you here, Giselle. I disagree when you state: “My job as a writer is to be acknowledged, not understood.” [Giselle, in order for your reading public to acknowledge you as a writer, your reading public must understand what you have written. Writing is a tool for communicating. Thus, if a reader cannot understand what you are communicating, he cannot enjoy your writing. Your job as a writer is to write in a way that will allow your reader to understand you, and, fortunately, your writing IS understandable. Your fear of not delivering to your audience the way you want to be received, is the exact same fear that I have. The stress you feel that you may not be received in the way you want to be received when you write, that is what I feel when I write. It is what all writers feel when they write. It is what makes them strive to get better at writing; for writing is a craft. It has to be worked at constantly, and worked at with the idea of perfecting it, even though knowing full well that it will never be perfect, but that at least your commitment toward making it so is perfect. Now, having said all that, when it comes to poetry, you don’t have to be understood. Poetry is a lofty thing. It connects with the reader on a plane higher than what writing does. It connects with the reader’s spirit, his essence, and as you know, every reader will have a different interpretation of a poem. Therefore, the poet need not be concerned with whether or not her poem is understood in the way that she wants it to be understood, and neither should the poet ever try to explain the meaning of her poem. Poetry is to be enjoyed, and what a reader gets out of it, in terms of meaning, is based solely on what he or she has experienced in life …


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