Unlock the Mind: Stream of Consciousness

So today’s challenge asks me to free write which I haven’t done in some time — as this should be interesting, I hope I can keep your interest.

I woke up this morning I felt like something was on my chest and I purposely chose to not get off in fear of giving people far too much attention or in fear of vulnerability. That is how I’ve become over the years – If I feel like I’m being crossed the wrong way, lied to or just feel uncomfortable due to someone else’s action that I’m involved with through any kind of relationship – I am not the kind of tell them to “fix” themselves because of the way I feel. I predominantly let that person choose their own action for we are the owners of ourselves and let that be that. It isn’t my job to tell someone they should do this or can’t do that.

I feel this way because only in a wrong mind will I agree to someone telling me how to live my life, interact with certain people and or just be myself.

I also understand somewhere along the line this is terrible communication and if you’re wondering – yes, I do try to work on it and believe it or not I’ve gotten a tad better at saying what makes me feel comfortable and what doesn’t, however, if I feel like the way I feel won’t really change if I say something or do not say something I very simply remove myself from the situation because I don’t believe it is where I belong. I belong to myself while more importantly and deeply, I belong to places where I can be myself without any negative energy that can possibly exert whilst being around other people. If I can groove with the vibe of a location alongside the people in the location – that is top five disgracing doings [if I said that correctly] – I’ve tried it before – being somewhere with people who I do not know personally, who I do not have a reason to hate because I do not know them personally, we are all human and we are all equal – there should be no negative frequencies in that yet believe or not you heard it here first, people nowadays [ I say nowadays because this is my era, I am young and have only been here for not even over two decades] are toxic and filled with hate, jealousy, confusion – maybe all disguised as love? Who knows. I’m currently being led to believe that it is possible that some people do not know that they need cleansing – It’s levels to this toxic negative life style.

I’m trying to be stronger than my demons everyday and I’m trying to replace what doesn’t benefit me: being on social networks heavy, not spending enough time with my family, eliminating toxic souls from my life – in exchange for what does benefit me: caring for those close more, writing more – this is a big thing, making more money from what I do.

This was my free write.

One thought on “Unlock the Mind: Stream of Consciousness

  1. this is soo true 🙂 i wish the best for you 🙂 try have time for people around you most and you will see how things will stop falling apart 🙂


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