Kept at a minimum 

Have you not been able to sleep because you have been in my dreams? 

What is best has been commenced and ever since the change has been effective, I never did not think if I should have kept it.

It’s cool.

I’m one with capability to adore from afar.

Thank you. Thank me. Thank where we come from.

We don’t have to pressure connection to be connected – if the universe doesn’t take care of it, it is not meant to be a thing in our worlds. And it can’t be fought. Nothing great is forced.

A balloon in the sky, let’s stop making ourselves so grand for a moment.

I’m one with the capability to appreciate from afar.

Sounds like I’m making all the shots but really,
I just want to talk without saying a word.

It may be like pulling teeth to pull the message from this message.

I can barely be clear even if though it is just a blank paper and me.

The power of writing; to conceal and execute to let your troubles and blessings into the air of the universe setting them free from your soul simply to be in peace again.

Leave Some Room

A good amount of energy going into things that may show out to be pointless

I’m saying, what is the point if the pencil is not sharp?

Because when I speak to you, not even like a dart board does it hit the middle

Seems like you just couldn’t catch the point.


The angel on my right shoulder would never steer me left, she asks me to give the benefit of the doubt but you can add color only so many times until you taint the original picture once expressed,

Now it’s paint splatter, mind matter all over

The paint brush and canvas that was once clean is no longer comparable to your dream once dreamt

Love has strained you to utilize other colors to show and tell fear as well as divergence cause some of us won’t believe it until we see it

Don’t blame us, it is how we’ve been molded

To where we not only want but need to feel movement, need to see improvement, in loves order to see that the person who is beside us can do it, without the gimmicks

Pursuing a cold heart will only kill a bold soul.

Today, if you attain the willpower,

Knock down the walls you’ve built to be sky scrapers,

Have you ever stopped to consider if you’re a giver or a taker?

Well, if not I’ll let you marinate in the thought

My girl Jasmine told me it ain’t a piece of writing ’til the truth begins to leak

So until next time, make sure you leave food on the table for other loved ones to eat


I don’t write often these days
But when I do I write deeply
because I feel deeply
to where I can barely make out words
and my feelings then are converted to an unfinished poem – scribbles, conjunctions and sometimes, more than often their unfinished sentences

To write is to exploit and express
It would be disrespect to misuse.

Life Lemons

Initially, I trusted abundantly – select individuals changed my view on trust

unfortunately I didn’t believe hard enough that I had a choice to replenish my trust

So I lost it

I did not trust any longer

I was cold for a long time

Time passed. People passed.

I ended up renewing the almighty perspective to trust again because I realized I needed it to love again in order to love genuinely again.

As of late, I’m remembering why I stopped trusting so loosely and freely

People love you whilst treating you like a lemon, ferociously squeezing the pulp out of you.

Or to put it plainly use the fuck out of you until they are done with you

or perhaps they will use you as a stepping stool, in the least genuine way

Although it is our choice to be or to not be an expired, moth-eaten lemon,

The trial and error cycle is rather tiring

My method to my mechanism is always to include rather than exclude people,

in such a way that we can simply interchange healthy perspectives and not indulge in poor ones for the sake of self respect and protection

To not trust shouldn’t equal to closing ourselves off to other individuals and hate,

an atrocious amount of negativity will be internalized this way.

I don’t know who you are but I can offer you some perspective along your journey

As it is your choice to consider and your choice to pass on it

Please choose the way you pave your path wisely

Curiosity Diffused

Someone asked me – “What is your biggest challenge as a writer?”

My toughest struggle when I write is my fear of not delivering to my audience the way I want to be received. It stresses me when I write that I may not be received the way I want to be. Quite honestly, I’ve found comfortablility in being misunderstood – I figured the hell with forcing interpretation, my job as a writer is to be acknowledged, not understood.

Thank you for acknowledging me as a writer, too, by the way – it was also my struggle that I won’t be received as a real writer – that very dam wouldn’t allow my thoughts and words to flow coherently – One day I decided to take the strain off my soul and paint a picture I can hang and now my notebook is full of colors and words and life and struggle and happiness.


Free Write/ Week of 10/27/2014 / Lost in My Head

It would not suit my soul for this week to not be better than the last

I’m almost sure it will be more peaceful, for I have the power to make things go in that direction


I hope your week is better than your last and that your movements take you forwards not backwards

I, for one, need a break away from it all.

I feel over exposed when in reality I’m still just developing

Just developing; still changing

I am ever changing

Therefore I have the power to make peace.

Point blank.

In this weeks motives and goals I plan to sleep every night without the feeling that it is necessary to put the world away but instead simply wanting to get a good nights rest.

To not enter the realm of my dreams with these demons on my mind

But to sleep with a harmonious mind ready to bask in my dreams as my body is still

Because at the end of your day – what you dream is what you subconsciously think.

To put demons in my own definition – Some things I’m talking about are —

  • The way I demean or lower my own dignity and lead myself into believing I am not great enough for a certain area of life
  • The people around me who love me in the ‘wrong’ way because it isn’t love it’s hate
  • The other portion of people around me in which I love but cannot trust because my dreams won’t allow me to
  • Keeping up with the socially constructed life I was brought into involuntarily

I believe these demons can be erased in the name of faith

and the reminder that worrying is a waste of feeling.


Unlock the Mind: Stream of Consciousness

So today’s challenge asks me to free write which I haven’t done in some time — as this should be interesting, I hope I can keep your interest.

I woke up this morning I felt like something was on my chest and I purposely chose to not get off in fear of giving people far too much attention or in fear of vulnerability. That is how I’ve become over the years – If I feel like I’m being crossed the wrong way, lied to or just feel uncomfortable due to someone else’s action that I’m involved with through any kind of relationship – I am not the kind of tell them to “fix” themselves because of the way I feel. I predominantly let that person choose their own action for we are the owners of ourselves and let that be that. It isn’t my job to tell someone they should do this or can’t do that.

I feel this way because only in a wrong mind will I agree to someone telling me how to live my life, interact with certain people and or just be myself.

I also understand somewhere along the line this is terrible communication and if you’re wondering – yes, I do try to work on it and believe it or not I’ve gotten a tad better at saying what makes me feel comfortable and what doesn’t, however, if I feel like the way I feel won’t really change if I say something or do not say something I very simply remove myself from the situation because I don’t believe it is where I belong. I belong to myself while more importantly and deeply, I belong to places where I can be myself without any negative energy that can possibly exert whilst being around other people. If I can groove with the vibe of a location alongside the people in the location – that is top five disgracing doings [if I said that correctly] – I’ve tried it before – being somewhere with people who I do not know personally, who I do not have a reason to hate because I do not know them personally, we are all human and we are all equal – there should be no negative frequencies in that yet believe or not you heard it here first, people nowadays [ I say nowadays because this is my era, I am young and have only been here for not even over two decades] are toxic and filled with hate, jealousy, confusion – maybe all disguised as love? Who knows. I’m currently being led to believe that it is possible that some people do not know that they need cleansing – It’s levels to this toxic negative life style.

I’m trying to be stronger than my demons everyday and I’m trying to replace what doesn’t benefit me: being on social networks heavy, not spending enough time with my family, eliminating toxic souls from my life – in exchange for what does benefit me: caring for those close more, writing more – this is a big thing, making more money from what I do.

This was my free write.

Los Angeles, CA

Finally taking off on my trip
At this point, I wouldn’t turn back.
I’ve surpassed the entire “not having expectations because they lead more towards disappointment” stage. Because I certainly feel a weird mental shift from where I physically am as to where I mentally am.

I’m trying to say I’m not here anymore.
Gone, gone and going. And I’ll tell you, it feels good.

You might catch the frequency that I’m running from something but it just feels very lively to take a full step out of the vicinity of where your comfort lies.

So here goes nothin.

Oh and praises due to the very most high. I’m very grateful to have had attained the abilities and qualities I bring with me right now and forever else.